2×4 Strength Program

2×4 Strength Program

Whatever your goal in the gym is. To lose a few pounds to competing on stage, the 2×4 program is perfect for any athlete. Please keep in mind that any strength program does not focus on looking like a bodybuilder but to gain the most amount of strength on your lifts as possible. Unlike other strength training programs, 2×4 offers a lower rep scheme and a lower amount of sets per exercise so you can conserve your strength and put in 100% into every single rep.

What happens in the body?

During any kind of strenuous physical exercise, our bodies undergo a process called protein synthesis which over time allows our muscles to grow larger and larger. Each exercise consists of a concentric (positive) and eccentric (negative) range of motion. For example, when doing a bicep curl the positive range of movement is from when the arm is fully extended to when the arm is almost touching the shoulder. Likewise, the reversal of that movement is the negative range of the movement. Each component of that movement is crucial to building muscle. The problem is that most people who are in the gym only focus on the concentric range of movement and neglect the eccentric phase. Now you might be wonder, what is the big deal? Balance. Your physique should be balanced even if you don’t plan on competing at a professional level. If one part of the muscle is neglected, there may be consequences later on in life.


What can happen?

When performing a certain physical task, the individuals with the most muscle fiber recruitment are often much stronger and more efficient. Imagine if your life depended on your physical strength. Whether your job is being a police officer, firefighter, or you are in the military, proper lifting techniques is crucial to your job. Even if you don’t have a physically demanding job, there could be a scenario where you would need to save someone’s life and if you don’t have any strength, it doesn’t matter how much adrenaline you have in your body, you wouldn’t be able to lift that car off of the trapped driver below. What if you were the only one who saw the accident and no one was around? You would be the only person who could help. Now there are things that happen that are not explainable by science such as this scenario which is known as the ‘flight or fight’ response. I realize that this type of event is very unlikely but it is a possibility that you may have experienced it or been the person who has been saved.


Why should I use it?

Strength is the cornerstone to who is the alpha male and who is not. Natural selection is a process in which those who are able to adapt to environmental changes will come out on top and those who do not make the grade will be left to the wayside. Now this is typically an event that happens to animals but it is still prevalent in today’s human population. By focusing on heavier weights and lower reps, you are able produce more microtrauma in the muscle which in turn will allow for larger muscles and strength increases. Below is an image of what microtrauma looks like.

After the muscle has been broken down, it needs to be repaired. In order to create a perfect match for this tear, protein must be created to match that of  the muscle fiber that has been torn. This is done by a process called protein synthesis.

What does this all mean?

The more often you challenge your body by lifting heavier weights over time, the larger your muscles will grow and as a result, the stronger you will get. Whether you are having problems hitting a plateau and no longer progressing in the gym, it may be that you are not challenging yourself enough. Although on a strength training program the purpose is to build muscle, make sure that you are in control of the weight and not off balance and at risk of injury. This program has allowed some to put on 50 lbs to each of their main lifts!

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