An Honest Bar Brothers Review

An Honest Bar Brothers Review

The Beginning…

If you were anything like me, you have suffered with your weight for a large portion of your life. In high school, I was very shy and couldn’t even look people in the eye because my self-confidence and self-esteem were so low that I felt as if I was lower then everyone else. I constantly wore hoodies to try to hide my fat but that didn’t work. Not to mention that my family constantly called me fat didn’t help at all either. It wasn’t until junior year of high school that I decided that I wasn’t going to live like this anymore. I had enough of being judged and looked down upon. I vowed that when senior year came, I would take it off.

Senior Year

Summer break ended and now it was time to go back to school. When I was registering for classes, I chose two electives that would help get me to where I wanted to be. Team Sports and Weightlifting. At the start of senior year, I weighed 198 lbs and I was 5’11” which may not sound like a lot, but none of that was muscle. I remember walking into my first day of weightlifting and looking around at the other fit students and feeling my heart sink as I took a big gulp. The teacher was the football coach of our school and I swear that he would take one look at me with disgust. But to my surprise as he walked around the room and talked to each of the students, he treated me like I was one of them.

Iron and Sweat

The first day was Bench day. I remember lifting up the 10 and 25 pound weight and it felt like I was carrying a bag of bricks trying to put the weight on the bar. I laid down on the bench and attempted to lift the bar off the rack but I was unable to. I felt like my arms were going to snap. I immediately looked around and one of my classmates walked over and said, “You want a spot?” I felt so embarassed that someone saw me fail at lifting 95 lbs that I reluctantly agreed. I stripped of the 25’s and now has 65 lbs on the bar.  I lifted the bar off the rack and I still struggled but managed to push out 3 reps. This was the start of my addiction.

Heres my Chance..

The days blended together as I attended weightlifting and team sports. It wasn’t until mid-semester that it dawned on me that I started to love weightlifting class. I couldn’t say the same for team sports because cardio didn’t seem like it was my forte. Everyday I could feel myself getting stronger. My endorphins and adrenaline rushing through my veins after every rep. Eventually, my addiction spread and I began researching. Watching Youtube videos, reading forums on, and reading scientific studies and journal entries of supplementation. I loved the way how these Youtube videos and forum posts were all 100% motivational. I saw videos of people transforming their body and how their lives improved because of it. One of those videos was a Bar Brothers video.  I realized then that this is something I could see myself doing for many years to come. At the time my sister was working at Bally Total Fitness and I was just starting to look for work. One day she brought home a 7 day guest pass and I went with her to work and that was my first taste of a commercial gym. I immediately fell in love with the place and the members I met. I remember approaching my sister and asking her if she could put in a good word for me to get a job there. A few weeks later, I had my interview and I got the job.


My first day on the job as a front desk receptionist was the best day of my life. The staff was so welcoming and I was able to work out whenever I wanted without buying a membership.  My addiction grew as the months passed and I was getting in better and better shape. Eventually my addiction grew to the point where I wanted to step on stage as the finish line. About a year into working at Ballys, the Fitness Manager posted a flyer to get certified as a personal trainer. At that point I was at my lowest body fat percentage and I was preparing for a NPC Open in October and thought this was perfect timing. 172 lbs at 7% body fat.I immediately jumped at the chance, paid my dues, and attended those certification classes and passed the tests without even trying. After completing the certification, I spoke with my Fitness Manager and he refused to convert me to a Personal Trainer telling me that I don’t have enough experience. My opportunity to do what I felt I was meant to do was crushed..

Second Chance

Afterwards, I felt like if I couldn’t be a Personal Trainer then all the events leading up to this point were for not. I decided to leave Bally’s and pursue other work until I could find my true calling. I got a few other jobs but the gym seemed to keep calling me back. I ignored the pleas for a while until it just became too much and I had to come back. Not only did I miss the gym, I missed the staff and the members who I almost knew all by name. Now one of the other trainers was promoted to Fitness Manager and the previous one moved to another location. It seemed like all the stars aligned and now I have my chance. I talked to the new Fitness Manager who I knew ever since I was hired initially and he immediately gave me the opportunity I was looking for. A week later I started and had my first client a few days later. He was an Aikido instructor that came occasionally to our gym to teach a class. After months of dedication and hard work, he lost almost 50 lbs and was lifting almost double his bodyweight on all his lifts where he was only able to do under 100 on most lifts. Unfortunately I was unable to be ready in time for the October show but I am working towards that goal again next year. Click here for the program. But don’t take my word for it. A quick Youtube search of Bar Brothers will speak for itself.

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