Create A Home Gym Under $250

Create A Home Gym Under $250

Happy New Year!

After binging over the holidays on carb heavy foods and alcohol, now is the time where most of us make New Year’s Resolutions to get our butt back into shape (including myself). But with this new year’s resolution, the majority of people will break after a few weeks or a couple months into the year. How do you make sure that you stick to it this year?

If you are anything like me, you don’t have $400-500 to spend a year on a gym membership or if you do, you are too lazy or make excuses not to drive to the gym. Especially if it is cold out or their is snow on the ground, you don’t want to drive in that type of weather and endanger yourself and others by driving on slick roads. I used to have a gym membership that I purchased in December 2016 and I paid for a year in advance but I’ve probably only went a total of 60 days out of the entire year! I constantly made excuses of why I couldn’t go or that I was tired because of work. I was able to create a home gym that costs me about $250. Not only that, but the equipment that I purchased is portable! You can take your workout with you wherever you go. Even if you were to travel to another state or country!


Resistance Bands

Resistance bands get a lot of bad hype by hardcore gym rats and people who preach free weights are better than everything else and they would be severely incorrect. Resistance bands have progressive resistance which means that the further that you stretch the resistance bands, the more tension you create. For example, a 20 pound resistance band may give you 20 pounds of resistance at the midpoint of the stretch but if you stretch it close to its maximum limit, it could give you 30-35 pounds of resistance at the top of the movement. The further you are from the resistance band, the higher the tension. The material used is a thick rubber elastic that stretches and returns to the same point.

I personally use Bodylastics MMA resistance bands because they contain DGS anti-snap technology that other cheaper resistance bands don’t. DGS is a thick rope in the middle of every band that prevent you from overstretching the elastic and causing the band to snap. Bodylastics also offers a 30 day full refund if you don’t like the product and free replacement up to 60 days afterwards. After the 60 days, you will need to pay $5.95 per item to replace. The Bodylastic MMA resistance bands gives you 328 pounds of total tension. That is equal to 164 pounds of tension per arm! Can you do 167 pound per arm on the bench press? Unless you are as strong as Ronnie Coleman, most likely you would not be able to outgrow the set. All you need is an anchor point to strap the bands to and you can take these anywhere! Maybe you are at the local park or playground and all you will need is a pole, tree, or other object that is mounted to the ground. If you are at home, you just need a door to anchor your bands to and you have a piece of equipment that you can train every muscle in your body. I’ve owned Bodylastic bands and other cheap big box store brands and I have never had an issue with snapping with the Bodylastic bands. It is worth spending a little more money for quality then risk injuring yourself with cheaper resistance bands on the market. If you don’t need 328 pounds of tension, Bodylastics offers different sets were you can have less tension and also spend less as well.

Resistance bands have been used for years by physical therapists on people who have been injured to get their strength and flexibility back to where it was prior to the accident. Back in 2014, I was working as a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service and I sprained my ankle severely where I was unable to work for at least 2 months. My left foot was in a boot and I was in crutches. I had to file a Worker’s Compensation claim and I was in physical therapy for that entire length of time. One of the recommendations by my physical therapist were to use resistance bands, electro-stimulation, and the use of kinesiology tape. Because my injury was on my ankle, I had to move my foot plantar flexion (pointing toes downward) and dorsal flexion (pointing toes upward). Over the course of a week or two, I started noticing more mobility then I was able to move my ankle before. The resistance band exercises the physical therapist prescribed were very low impact which reduced the risk for re-injury.


Suspension Trainer

You might have seen these devices in the gym which most people do not use because it is either too difficult or it isn’t a familiar piece of equipment for them. Suspension trainers offer calisthenic type movements where you take advantage of your own bodyweight as resistance. The great thing about suspension trainers is that you can adjust the level of resistance by just simply altering your body position. The more upright you are the less difficult the exercise will be and the more horizontal you are to the ground the more difficult it will be. The most well known brand of suspension trainer is the TRX system created by Ex-Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick. The only downside to TRX is that it is a premium product which costs anywhere from $100-$250. You can find other off brand suspension trainers which would cost a fraction of the cost. I was able to purchase a suspension trainer for under $30 through But because the product is coming from China, it does take a while to ship to you. Just like the resistance bands, suspension trainers are portable and can be taken wherever you go. You can train at home, outdoors, or when you are traveling. This type of equipment can last years and is a great investment because you most likely won’t outgrow this product as well. Even after using it for a few years, you can alter the difficulty by positioning your body more horizontally or  even doing exercises that you would typically do with gymnastic rings.


Jump Rope

Jump ropes are among the best pieces of equipment you can buy for cardio because they are low impact exercises and are very cheap to purchase. You could either buy speed ropes or jump ropes with weighted handles for increased difficulty. You can find jump ropes anywhere from $1-20 depending on if you want weighted or not. Just like the other two pieces of equipment, jump ropes are also portable and can be taken wherever you want! You can also alter the difficulty of the exercise by changing the speed at which you jump. Beginners can do single jumps and intermediate to advanced jumpers can do double unders, triple unders, or even quadruple unders. This simple, inexpensive piece of equipment are used by professional MMA fighters and boxers. If they are using it for speed, agility, and explosiveness, that should tell you something.






With these three pieces of equipment, you can train every muscle in your body and take your gym wherever you want. Instead of getting a gym membership where you have to spend hundreds of dollars every year and have to drive to a certain location to train. By building a home gym that is portable, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can get your workout in. You could be traveling in Thailand and train in your hotel room or be on a cruise ship and still get pumped! This is my personal gym set up and all the equipment I personally use. You can also include an inexpensive pull-up bar as well which shouldn’t cost you more than $20. If you do not want to purchase a pull-up bar, you can go to your local play ground or park and utilize the bars or swing set there for your pull up workouts. The best part of these pieces of equipment is that they will last a lifetime! Just spend $250 one year and it could last you for the rest of your life. If you do break one of these pieces of equipment, you could either get a full refund or replacement for free or for a small fee. Happy New Year and let’s make 2018 a great year!


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