Day 1 – Kicking off the New Year!

Day 1 – Kicking off the New Year!

Meal 1:

2 tsp Instant Coffee

1 tsp Psst Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

3 Splenda Packets


Meal 2:

8 oz 73/27 Ground Beef

2 tbsp Kraft Chipotle Aioli

2 oz Munster Cheese

1 cup Broccoli Florets

2 tbsp Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing


Meal 3:

1 Large Hass Avocado

1 tsp Salt

1/2 cup Salted Roasted Sunflower Seeds


Meal 4:

8 oz 73/27 Ground Beef

2 oz Munster Cheese

1 cup Broccoli Florets

4 tbsp Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing


Meal 5:

4 Almond Butter Fat Bombs



1 Fish Oil 1200 mg

2 Green Tea Capsule

1 Vitamin C 1000 mg

1 Multi-vitamin

1 Ox Bile Capsule


Total: 3720 Calories, 333 grams of Fat, 26 grams of Net Carbohydrates, 120 grams of Protein



50 Push Ups

50 Squats

50 Pull-Ups

50 Sit-Ups


2.8 miles Treadmill Walk 3.0 mph


Today is a gold standard workout that only consists of body weight movements. My meal plan stays pretty consistent everyday except for my snacks change from time to time. I do the ketogenic diet where my macros typically hover around 75% Fat, 5% Net Carbs, and 20% Protein. To calculate net carbohydrates, you take total carbohydrates minus fiber. Last night I ate whatever I want and I didn’t care about my diet until today. My energy levels are even and neither high nor low. I feel extremely motivated today just like most people do on New Years Day. I took my initial photos, measurements, and weight and plan on doing so the 1st of every month. I was planning on going on a hiking trail today but because the trail is closed due to weather and it is under 30 degrees outside I will replace that with steady state cardio on the treadmill machine. The trail length was 1.4 miles so I will plan on doing cardio for 2.8 miles. 1.4 miles up and 1.4 miles down. At 3.0 mph, that would equal a 20 minute mile.


Initial Stats:

Neck: 15.5″

Shoulder: 48.5″

Chest: 43″

Waist: 40″

Hips: 43″

Left Arm: 15″

Right Arm: 15″

Left Thigh: 26″

Right Thigh: 26″

Left Calf: 16.5″

Right Calf: 16.5″

Weight: 215 lbs




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