Day 10 – Feeling Better But Not 100%

Day 10 – Feeling Better But Not 100%


2x Warm Up Tricep Cable Pulldown

3x 15-20 Tricep Cable Pulldown

3x 12-15 Standing Tricep Cable Overhead Extension

3x 15 Single Arm Tricep Pushdown

3x 12-15 Standing Cable Curl

3x 12-15 Seated Incline Cable Curl

3x 15-20 Concentrated Cable Curl

3x 15-20 Forearm Cable Curl

3x 15-20 Reverse Cable Forearm Curl


I’m feeling much better today and I’m able to train my muscles without getting into a coughing fit. Arm day is always pretty easy for me because when I first started training in 2009, I was a curl monkey. I know I know. No curling in the squat rack (and I didn’t). My biceps are always much stronger than my triceps. I was able to stack one of every cable except the purple and orange band. But I was able to use 4 bands at once on all the bicep exercises. Having that being said, if you are doing a similar workout as I am, make sure you use a weight were it pushes you but it doesn’t jeopardize your form. I could’ve moved up but my form would give out as a result. I’m still eating the same way as I normally do. My sickness has effected that slightly because I am no longer as hungry as often but I make sure that I feed my body and give it the nutrients it needs to repair and heal. Now I was feeling like crap yesterday and my chest workout suffered but I still trained. Now I’m not saying you should train when sick but I made a promise to myself to train. The only time I will take time off my training is if I am seriously seriously ill and bed ridden. But make sure you listen to your body. If your body tells you, don’t work out or you’ll get worse. REST! But if your illness isn’t that bad and you can still work at your job or function, go ahead and train but tone it down significantly. Also if you are training at a gym or in public, make sure that you keep others in mind. You don’t want to spread your illness to others. Train at home.

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