Day 13 – Fat Bombs!

Day 13 – Fat Bombs!


1 mile Treadmill Walk

1 set 12 Crunches

1 set 15 Leg Lifts

1 set 20 Oblique Crunch


Today is technically a rest day but I always want to try to do something active each and every day. I still have some wheezing type coughs so I took it easy today. I’ll start adding fat bombs into my meals starting tomorrow. I’ve made fat bombs before but I had some other snacks for me to eat so I didn’t make any for a while. If you want to make fat bombs too, you’ll find the recipe below:

4 tbsp Virgin Coconut Oil

4 tbsp Fresh Ground Almond Butter

3 tbsp Butter

3 tbsp Hershey Cocoa Unsweetened Powder

5 packets of Splenda


I bought a emoji silicone mold on and will split the batch to last every 3 days. One batch creates 44 emojis so that means just shy of 15 pieces a day. If you never tried fat bombs, you should really give them a chance. If you are doing keto like I am, it’s great to hit your fat macros everyday. The almond butter I use is from my local Kroger grocery store. You’ll find that in the bulk section and it only has 1 net carb per serving. One serving to me provides over 40 grams of fat. But you can split the recipe how you want.

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