Day 14 – Tabata!

Day 14 – Tabata!

Meal 1:

1 Fish Oil 1200 mg

2 Green Tea

1 Vitamin C 1000 mg

1 Multi-Vitamin

1 Ox Bile


Meal 2:

8 oz Ground Beef 73/27

2 oz Pepperjack Cheese

2 tbsp Bacon Ranch Dressing

2 tbsp Chipotle Aioli


Meal 3:

1 Cup Chicken  Stock


Meal 4:

15 Fat Bomb Pieces



1 round Tabata Jump Rope


Today I still have a little respiratory problem due to my sickness but I did one round of Tabata on the jump rope. Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. The whole workout only lasts 4 minutes total but it is intense. I love utilizing tabata especially when I don’t have enough time in the day. I will be changing what I eat for the next few weeks starting tomorrow. I will be making my rendition of Keto Pork Rind Nachos. Now in this recipe you can alter it how you like but I wanted to make sure I had some citrus and fresh ingredients in there. You’ll find the recipe below:


2 oz of Pork Rinds

4 tbsp Salsa Con Queso

2 tbsp Sour Cream

2 tbsp Guacamole

2 tbsp Pico de Gallo

1/2 Cup Shredded Cheese

2 oz Nacho Jalapeno Slices


Meat of Choice


I used some bacon ends and pieces that I found at my local grocery store that sounded good and I use two servings which is 62 grams of fat and only 10 grams of protein. Remember that you don’t want to take in too much protein or it can be converted to glucose in the body. Usually I use ground beef to add some extra texture and fat but bacon sounded good on nachos so I opted for bacon ends. Plus the fat to protein ratio is a lot better. Now the recipe above does give you quite a bit of food so you may want to cut it in half and eat it in two meals. Somedays I might do that also depending on my appetite.

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