Day 15 – Feeling Good!

Day 15 – Feeling Good!


2x Internal Rotation

2x External Rotation

3x 12-15 Cable Shoulder Press

3x 12-15 Bent Over One Arm Rear Fly

3x 12-15 Cable Lateral Raise


Today was a great day! Time flew by at work and it didn’t feel like I was there for 9 hours but it felt more like half a day to me. Today the weather was cold and the ground was very slick and I slid two times on my way to work. I think Shoulder Day is my new favorite day. The stimulation I get from the exercises is great and I really feel like I’m working the muscle. I started doing cable shoulder presses today and that felt a little strange just because the anchor was at the bottom of the door so it felt more like a Behind the Neck Military Press more than a regular shoulder press but it got the job done. The bent over one arm fly is one of my favorite delt exercises just because of how much you can focus on the muscle. The lateral raise is a little challenging just because when you step on the resistance band it does shorten your range of movement but I was able to feel the burn in my medial delt. I was going to do cardio at my lunch break today but the ground was way too slick and the risk for injury was too great. Tomorrow should be a fantastic day even though it might be a little overcast. I believe I’ll change my workout splits to do two body parts a day instead of one such as back and bis, chest and tris, etc. Then I plan on doing cardio and abs every other day. I’ll test this split out for a few weeks and if I like it then I’ll stick to it. If I don’t, I’ll stick to one body part days.

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