Day 16 – Side Effects

Day 16 – Side Effects


3x 15-20 Incline Cable Press

3x 15 DB Floor Press

3x 12-15 DB Floor Fly


The keto diet has so many benefits but it does have a few side effects that affect certain people. For me I get something called Prugigo Pigmentosa, otherwise known as keto rash. I am starting to get a breakout on my chest and neck area and I use Minocycline to manage the condition. I used it in the past and it made my rash disappear for months. Keto rash is one of the side effects of being in ketosis and not much is known about it but it is believed that when your body converts body fat to free form fatty acids and the liver processes them into ketones, that converted body fat has toxins in it that it carries. Now this may or may not be correct. This causes a higher histamine concentration in your body. I thought this was the case but I took anti-histimines like Benedryl and it worked initially but now that I’ve been doing keto for over a year it doesn’t work that well or at all. Minocycline is a prescription antibiotic that is typically used for acne but many people have found relief from their keto rash by using Minocycline, including myself. I don’t believe the anti-bacterial effect of the drug causes the rash to decrease. I think it is from it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

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