Day 17 – No Sleep, Itchy, and Miserable

Day 17 – No Sleep, Itchy, and Miserable


2x Warm Up Straight Single Arm Extension

3x 12-15 Straight Single Arm Extension

3x 12-15 Cable Tricep Pulldown

3x 15-20 Single Arm Tricep Pushdown

3x 12-15 Standing Cable Bicep Curl

3x 8 Concentration DB Curl

3x 8 Hammer DB Curl


Because of the keto rash I only got a few hours of sleep and felt itchy all day and wasn’t very motivated to workout. But the great thing is is the itching has subsided dramatically before my workout so I was able to push myself. I was able to work my way up to the heaviest bands on the pulldowns. I’m normally pretty strong on arm day but being out of the gym for a while really zapped my strength. But today I felt like my strength is improving and I am able to stack more bands on my exercises. Hopefully my rash disappears and doesn’t come back. I had to drink a carb shake last night because I was extremely itchy where it prevented me from sleeping. So I drank Rich Piana’s Real Food Blueberry Cobbler Flavor and Titan Nutrition Whey. RIP Rich Piana. The product is overall great but because I am on keto, it sat in my room gathering dust. I will keep it on occassions just like this where I do need to eat higher carbs to prevent keto rash from coming back. Now keep in mind, I am not going to cheat on my diet and just binge on my favorite foods or go to a all you can eat buffet. What I like about Rich Piana’s products is that its no bullshit. Pardon my French. But it’s not overhyped products where it is heavily marketed. If you want to try some of his products, I recommend Real Food for a meal replacement or a post-workout shake or All Day You May which is an BCAA and joint health product that helps prevent cannibalizing of the muscle. I don’t promote products that I don’t believe in or that I haven’t tried myself. Try it out and let me know what you think. All that is in the Real Food is dehydrated fruits and vegetables like yams, blueberries, and oatmeal. So like the name says, it is REAL FOOD!

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