Day 19 – Getting Stronger!

Day 19 – Getting Stronger!


3x 15 BW Lunge

3x 20 Cable Leg Extension

3x 15 BW Squat

3x 20 Cable Lying Leg Curl

3x  15-20 Standing BW Calf Raise


I am pretty much completely over my sickness besides the occassional cough. My rash has also almost completely subsided with minocycline and drinking my carb protein shake in the morning for 3 days straight. Now that the rash is almost gone, I will try to start going full keto again with the occassional carb up to prevent the rash from coming back. Now I’m not eating junk on my carb up days. Most of my carb ups use either fruit or oatmeal to bump up my carb intake. I only eat just enough to reduce my symptoms. So on my strict keto days, my carbs typically fall around 20-40 grams of net carbs. On my carb up days, I could go anywhere from 50-100 net carbs depending on how often I get flare ups. Yesterday I did eat 6 ounces of blueberries and 6 ounces of blackberries. Even though these have sugar, net carbs is about 1-2 grams per 1/4 cup. So that was probably 12 net carbs max. Today I did eat an orange because my rash hasn’t quite gone yet but it is almost completely disappeared. It is a little itchy but not much. By tomorrow it should be completely disappeared and I will return to strict keto with maybe a carb up every 5-7 days or so.


I do feel dramatically stronger after about two weeks of training with my resistance bands. When I was first starting, I could only use the first 3 or 4 band colors which I was really weak. Now I can almost do the full stack on some of my exercises minus maybe 1 or 2 bands. I have to get creative with some exercises because a lot of exercises need to be anchored to a door which is one downside to the bands. But I just keep in mind the movement of the exercise and anchor the bands accordingly. I do have to say that I haven’t been injured yet. I’ve only been injured once in the gym back in 2012. Ever since I have never injured myself. Also I can tell my strength is returning quickly. In the past with free weights or machines, it didn’t matter how long or how often I trained. My strength remained the same for the most part but with the resistance bands because I focus on form and also slow down on the negative whenever possible, I can feel my strength coming back. I also notice more definition in my back which is my strongest body part but I do notice new lines that I havent seen before. Don’t knock resistance bands until you try it for a long period of time. Physical therapists use it for a reason.

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