Day 5 – Getting Used to This

Day 5 – Getting Used to This

Today my buddy and I went out to Red Lobster for some seafood. This is a great chance to talk about still being able to stay on your diet but still be able to eat out and socialize. I ordered the Ultimate Feast which normally comes with shrimp scampi, coconut shrimp, crab legs, lobster tail, salad, your choice of side, and butter to dip in. For the most part, this platter of food is keto approved minus the coconut shrimp because it is breaded and depending on if you get a carb heavy side. So what I did is I substituted the coconut shrimp for another shrimp scampi and for my side I chose steamed broccoli versus a baked potato. Also on the salad, it normally comes with croutons and tomatoes. I ordered the salad without croutons and I picked out the cherry tomatoes. You might be asking yourself “Why do you remove the tomatoes? They’re vegetables.” And you would be right. But tomatoes in particular have a higher sugar content then other vegetables. Albeit it is natural sugar, but sugar nonetheless.



2x Warm Up Lying Tricep Extensions

3x 15-20 Lying Tricep Extensions

3x 12-20 Tricep Pulldowns

3x Tricep Kickbacks

2x Warm Up Standing Bicep Curl

3x 10-15 Standing Bicep Curl

2x 12-20 Standing Preacher Single Arm Curl

2x 12-20 Forearm Curl


Arms aren’t really a weak point in my physique because when I started bodybuilding in 2009, I was a curl monkey sadly.. My biceps are still fairly built and my triceps are also well defined but less than my biceps. This is why I start with triceps on my arm days. You can alternate between triceps and biceps every other exercise but I want to make sure I give my full attention and priority to my triceps and then finish off with my biceps. A lot of people also make the mistake of not training forearms. Forearms like any other muscle in your body should be trained. It’s like having massive calves but scrawny quads and hamstrings. It just looks weird! Make sure you train every muscle group and focus on stimulating not annihilating the muscle. Lifting 100 lbs with solid form versus 300 lbs of half reps or partials is a lot more impressive. Plus you aren’t fooling anyone by doing half reps. Your body will speak for itself if you do.

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