Day 6 – Feels Good To Squat Again!

Day 6 – Feels Good To Squat Again!


2x Warm Up Single Leg Extension

3x 10-12 Single Leg Extension

3x 10-15 Single Leg Curl

3x 12-15 Band Squat

3x 12-15 Band Abductor Squeeze

3x 15 Standing Calf Raise


20 minutes Steady State Cardio

Oh it feels great to squat again! For the longest time, squatting with a barbell gave me a lot of pain on my glutes (yes I was squatting correctly). I found that when I used a barbell, the first set was great but the second set it felt like someone was cutting my glute muscles with a knife. I felt a sharp pain when doing it with barbells so I avoided the squat and substituted it with leg press. With the bands I didn’t feel any pain in my glutes whatsoever! It feels good to get some glute, quad, and ham activation. With the resistance bands, it is possible to do leg extensions and curls with both legs but I haven’t done single leg exercises for a while and it felt great. The very last exercise does require loop bands instead of resistance bands. I use Inmaker Loop Bands. The great thing is is it only cost me around $10 for 20-60 lbs of resistance. If 60 lbs is too light for you on an exercise, you can stack these bands just like resistance bands by putting the heaviest band on first and then the lighter ones overlapping the heavier band. So in reality, if you stack all bands on top of one another, you have almost 200 lbs of resistance for 10 bucks! Next week, I’ll start incorporating suspension training with my TRX. This way I’ll be able to incorporate calisthenics workouts using my bodyweight for resistance. Remember you can check out my other blog post on how to create a portable home gym for under $250 to see what equipment I use.

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