Do You Have Insomnia?

Do You Have Insomnia?

Have you ever experienced a sleepless night when you had to go to work or school early the next day? Have you laid in bed staring at the alarm clock waiting for it to be morning? If you have experienced any of these scenarios, most likely you suffer from insomnia. I have personally suffered from insomnia ever since I was 12 years old and never knew the reason why I couldn’t sleep at night.

What causes insomnia?

So what actually causes us to lose sleep at night? No one knows the exact answer. It could range from racing thoughts, stress, overactive thyroid, or possibly something else. But all these possible causes have something in common. They are all neurological. Some try to suppress the symptoms of insomnia by using melatonin or even prescribed medications to calm our nervous systems. But the problem with using these pills is that they are typically man made and any kind of drug or supplement can have severe side effects.


Any type of prescription medication and some supplements could cause imbalances in the body from a chemical level. Imagine if you were to go to your doctor and tell him or her that you are suffering from a sleep disorder like insomnia. If the doctor believes that the severity of the sleep disorder merits a prescription, then he or she would give you medication such as Ambien or Lunesta. Sure these medications can control your sleeping problem but what you don’t know what is happening is the long term effects. Since these pills typically target the nervous system, what happens if there is a side effect? Take for example tetrodotoxin. Most commonly found in the pufferfish and known widely in Japan as a delicacy.

Sure these little guys are cute and you might want to hug them but if prepared incorrectly, you could die a very painful death. Tetrodotoxin is a poison that targets the nervous system by blocking the sodium channels. A sodium channel is essentially a toll taker on a bridge that allows connection for signal to pass. Now imagine that the gates in that toll are blocked off because of a multiple car crash in each direction. Traffic would completely stop and because the accident happened between the toll. The traffic that surrounds the vehicles involved would permanently stop. Now that the electrical signal cannot pass through the sodium channel, your muscles and organs cannot function. Which will leave you fully conscious but your major organs like your heart and lungs would slowly fail. Now this is the worst case scenario but nonetheless is possible. If you continue taking these pills, it is possible that when you go to sleep, you won’t wake up.

What are my options?

There are many natural options that you could try but most of them do not work. You’ll read on countless articles that drinking warm milk, taking a relaxing bath, making the room dark, or reading a boring book would cure your insomnia but if you are anything like me, none of this works! So what is the answer to sleeping better and getting rid of insomnia for good? Reprogramming. Now I know what you are thinking, ‘that sounds complicated!’ No, it really isn’t. I utilized Sam Oakes series of books to retrain my brain to cure my insomnia. I have never slept better in my life! His series of books provide a step by step guide on how to defeat insomnia and even provides a recipe for a delicious shake!

What are you losing?

Imagine what you are losing from your lack of sleep. If you constantly think of sleep while you are at school or work, you could miss that promotion or passing that class. You could have permanent dark eye circles or even lose your vitality and stamina in the bedroom. Insomnia effects almost every aspect of your life! Would you really want to put large amounts of caffeine in your body for a temporary energy boost? Think about the effects that would have on your heart. Eventually that boost from the caffeine will decrease and you will have to drink more and more for the same effects. Studies show that lack of sleep could also cut years off of your life. That’s just as bad as smoking! Think of what you would miss if you weren’t there? Spending time with your kids or seeing them get married and create a family of their own. Raising your grandkids and sharing your stories and experiences.

What happens during sleep?

Most of us think that sleep only ‘recharges our batteries’ which is true but that isn’t the only benefit of sleep. Sleep is also the time when the body repairs itself from exercise. It also provides the release of natural human growth hormone that causes muscle growth and even fat loss. There has been a connection between weight gain and lack of sleep. The reason for this is because of a hormone called cortisol. Many people in the fitness world know cortisol as the ‘muscle wasting’ hormone. Cortisol is called this because it is typically released if you work out too long or if you are stressed. It is known as a ‘catabolic’ hormone which means to break down. The opposite of anabolic. Don’t let your lack of sleep control your life. Click here to get Sam Oakes program. Take the first step to a brand new you.

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