Organic vs Non-Organic – Does it really matter?

Organic vs Non-Organic – Does it really matter?

When you hear of the word ‘organic’ what do you think of? Healthy? Without chemicals or antibiotics? Better for you? You might be someone who has been buying organic foods over those that are not organic in hopes that what you put into your body would be better for your health or your diet. But are these types of food really worth the price tag? Is it really worth paying more of your hard earned money for? I hope to clear the air about this debate today in this article.


What does ‘organic’ mean?

So what does the word ‘organic’ actually mean? Well there are two definitions, a scientific one and one relating to food. The scientific term for organic simply means that it contains carbon. But the term organic that most of us are thinking of is that it is raised without antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, chemicals, or anything artificial. Organic food has to comply by certain laws in order to be labeled as such. Most people think of organic foods to be much healthier than their non-organic counterpart and that they spend more money to buy this product. Now I am not denying that organic foods are much better for the environment and the atmosphere but is it really worth the money?


Is there a difference?

By consuming a non-organic product, it digests like it would for the similar organic counterpart. If you eat non-organic eggs one day and then the next you eat organic eggs, it will all be digested, processed, and absorbed the exact same way. First it travels down the esophagus, into the stomach where stomach acids and enzymes break down the food, and transporters ship the nutrients all over the body through the blood stream. Having that being said, if you are worried by how animals are treated and butchered for consumption, the best method is to find foods that are organic in that sense. If you want to make sure an animal is treated humanly and raised properly, then organic would be the way to go. But don’t be fooled. Just because a meat has organic on the label, doesn’t mean that its treated well. For example, a lot of people think that buying cage free eggs are better for you and the chickens are happier. This isn’t always the case. When looking at cage free eggs it doesn’t mean the chicken actually goes outside. It only means that the farmer has to abide by certain rules to allow access for the chicken to go outside, but it doesn’t mean that it actually does. This is where the confusion lies in the meat, produce, and manufacturing of food. In reality, if you buy organic, that doesn’t mean you are getting the best food. The laws regulating foods that are able to be labeled as organic is fairly loose and many producers and farmers get away with doing the minimum in order to get classified as such.

How do I get the best food?

In order to get the best quality food you can get, you must get that food from it’s source. The best foods that you can buy are directly from the farmers and growers of that produce that you want. Most people think that farmer’s markets have the best food but you must be careful. For example, if you go to your standard farmer’s market grocery store, they do have better quality food than normal grocery stores but they aren’t the very best. In order to get the best of the best, you must get it directly from those who raise the animals and grow the vegetables and fruits. By going to a TRUE farmers market from people who open small stands at flea markets or swap meet to those who sell them on the side of road out of the back of their car. These individuals make their living selling the products that they put time and effort into. This is the only way you can guarantee that organic is truly organic. The meat and produce these people sell are the real organic foods. Do not waste your money buying foods from a grocery store labeled ‘Organic’ just because of the label. Support your local farms and buy directly from them. Many of these farms offer direct shipping right to your door. These foods definitely have much better flavor and are completely free of anything artificial. Once you taste food directly from farmers, you will never go back to the store brand version ever again. I occasionally visit my local flea market where farmers from different corners of Colorado join in one place and offer their best.

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