Top 5 Gym Pet Peeves

Top 5 Gym Pet Peeves

We all know those guys in the gym. Ones who are completely obnoxious, lift weight they can’t handle, or try to get everyone’s attention when they lift. The type who do one inch squats and the rocking horse when they are doing bicep curls. Please…don’t be that person.


I get it. You are lifting heavy weight and you want to set that PR. But that doesn’t mean the entire gym has to hear you try to assert your dominance. Every gym has one of these. With the exception of maybe Planet Fitness who claim to be a ‘non-judgemental’ gym even though they depict a bodybuilder close to the lunk alarm. You look around and immediately hear the screaming of what sounds like a man giving birth or passing a kidney stone. He wants an audience to gather to witness his great feat of strength lifting a 70 lb dumbbell one inch above the ground. After that lift he seems to be completely out of breath with a feeling of accomplishment even though he has achieved nothing. You do not have to make a verbal noise when you are training. The only time you should be yelling in the gym is if the bar is on you and you can’t get it off. Otherwise, please refrain from screaming your head off. You aren’t impressing anyone by grunting. In fact you are being laughed at by everyone who can hear you. So if you are that type of person who yells in the gym, please be mindful of the other people in the gym. I’ve trained with some professional bodybuilders and guess what. All those motivational videos you see on Youtube are all an act. Kai Greene, an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, only takes his shirt off or yells in the gym when it is for a photo shoot or for a magazine cover. Otherwise, he trains methodical and controls the weight. Remember, make every rep count. Don’t count every rep.

Shirtless Guy

If you have a great body, save the flexing for when you are in the privacy of your own home. Don’t just take your shirt off and stare at yourself in the mirror. This is the type of guy who seems to feel like he is better than everyone else even though he is just as bad as the grunter. He has no idea on what form is and he got his body from doing 100 sit ups a day. Even though he might have abs, his chest is caved in, his legs are thinner than a toothpick and his arms resemble a poorly filled sausage. Not only will people think that he are a douche but they will also laugh at him just like the gym grunters. Also keep in mind that there are always people out there who are bigger, stronger, and better than you out there. I get it. You worked hard for that body but save it for the beach or for the pool. If you do want to flex, please do it in the locker room. Don’t show off and just try to impress the ladies.

Naked Old Man

It seems like every gym also has one of these. The old man who walks around the locker room in his birthday suit. Trust me. No one wants to see that! Please have the decency to cover up and not to flash every single person that walks into the locker room. No one wants to see your dingle berries sagging to the ground like a woman who has never worn a bra in her life.  It is common courtesy that being naked in public isn’t right or acceptable. I don’t even walk around naked in my own home. Let alone a gym!

The ‘Sweat’er

Have you ever gone to a gym and walked over to a machine or a bench, only to find a giant puddle of sweat on the equipment or the floor? It seems like 1/4 of the Earth’s supply of water is on this one bench. I have been a member at several gyms and have even worked as a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness when they were still around and I have always found a piece of equipment drenched with sweat. I even got ringworm as a result! This goes back to being courteous and mindful of the people around you. Wipe down your equipment before you move onto your next exercise. The gym is a community and it’s not only specifically meant for you to use. The world doesn’t revolve around you and other people need to use that equipment. If anything just clean up after yourself so you don’t give others any kind of fungal, viral, or bacterial infection. They are trying to get gains just like you.

The Show Off

The show off is probably on par with the Grunter but this guy is even more loud and obnoxious. This is the guy who walks around with ILS (Invisible Lat Syndrome), drops weights, screams, and clearly doesn’t give a crap. They think they walk into the gym with ‘swagger’. But swagger is just another term for douche. The show off makes sure everyone is watching him for his big lift, even though he can’t even finish one complete rep. If he could, he slams the weight on the ground with every rep. Then after he is done with his one rep set, he isn’t strong enough to take off the weights and put them away. If your in the gym to work out, re-racking your weights is part of your workout. And for the love of God, put your weights back in the right place! Don’t try to play Tetris with the weight and put the 45’s with the 10’s and the 10’s with the 25’s. Put it away properly! This is also the guy who walks around with stringer tanks that shows his nipples to everyone in the gym. He does a circuit routine that takes up three to four pieces of equipment and two hours to complete. The show off talks to his friends and strangers in the gym while leaning over a piece of equipment you need to use. His form usually isn’t the best and he probably drives a lifted truck or a car with tinted taillights and double parks taking two parking spaces. This is the type of person who should be ejected from all gyms. Someone who has the need to show off this intensely and this bad must be overcompensating for something else that they lack. They may talk a big game but in reality when it comes to a confrontation, they wouldn’t be able to stand on their own two feet.

I understand that this may not be the typical type of article I have written here but I hope that those who do read this article and are one of these type of people would understand how they are really acting and change. Like I said before, the gym is a community and a place where we sculpt our bodies. You hold the paintbrush and your body is the canvas. We do not need to be around individuals who intimidate others. We are all born, we all live, and we all die. What we do in between in up to us. As a ex-personal trainer and nutritional consultant, I trained several clients and helped them get the bodies they could only dream of and lead the lives that they were meant to live. The gym is a sanctuary to many and we should respect all of the members of that gym. You wouldn’t want some wild animal to be in your home and completely destroy your home right? So please be mindful of your fellow gym mates. They are in the gym to pursue the same goals as you. To better themselves both physically and mentally.

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