Transforming your Mind and Body with Yoga

Transforming your Mind and Body with Yoga

Where did it originate?

Yoga originated in India where it could be traced back roughly 5,000 years ago. Over the course of time, there has been different types of yoga that has come out in the modern age from Vinyasa, which is the most commonly known, Bikram (also known as hot yoga), Ashtanga, and many others. Hot yoga is typically in a room that is heated to 105 degrees fahrenheit and allows the users to sweat which releases toxins and lubricates joints.  It is believed that this practice focuses on connecting mind and body through slow and fluid movements and proper breathing to increase flexibility and muscular endurance.

Who can use it?

Yoga is an ancient practice that is meant to free the spirit from the body and achieve enlightenment, freedom, and liberation. It is now a common class at any commercial gym or personal training studio with several benefits. Several nursing and pregnant mothers use yoga to not only firm and tone but to also get a deeper connection with themselves and the little one growing inside of them. But not only do women use yoga, but several men also utilize yoga to benefit their chosen sport or profession. Many of today’s practitioners swear that by using yoga, it has dramatically improved their mood, mental clarity, spirituality, and flexibility. The problem is that the typical gym goer does not implement exercises for flexibility and as a result get injured. Many of today’s law enforcement, firemen, and military should incorporate yoga into their workout routine because it might even be the difference between life or death.

Success Stories

Many of you have probably seen the viral video on Youtube of a story about a man named Arthur Boorman. Arthur Boorman was an ex-military paratrooper back in the Gulf War roughly 15 years ago who has almost lost his ability to walk do to all the jumps and the high impact that it had on his legs as he landed. Everyday he has to use forearm crutches in order to walk. The inability to walk and needing to rely on these crutches over the years took it’s toll on his health and also his waistline.

One day he decided that enough was enough and that no matter what, he will walk again. He chose to use yoga as his path to get to where he wants to be. The first few attempts to follow the yoga instructor caused him to fall without the use of his crutches. But did that stop him? No. He refused to give up and continued pushing forward. No matter how many times he fell, he got back up. Whether that spirit to fight was from his previous military training or from something even deeper, Arthur was determined to achieve his goal. He started at 297 lbs and in the end he lost 100 lbs in 6 months. Not only that but he is now able to walk!

Are you willing to put in the effort?

Now my question to you is that if Arthur can do it with his disability, what is preventing you from taking action? Is it going to be difficult? Yes. I’m not going to lie about that. But nothing in life that is worth it is free. Yoga Burn is a comprehensive yoga program where the instructor, Zoe Bray-Cotton will walk you through every step of the way. If the workouts are too difficult, she tailor fits the program to every activity and fitness level. Even though this program is primarily focused for women, men are also able to use this program as well. No matter what your reason for getting this program is, make this year your year! Whether that be to firm and tone, get those abs, or that summer booty, don’t let another year pass by! The hardest step is starting. But once you start, the hardest part is stopping.

Will I need anything?

You don’t necessarily need anything to follow this program but below I took the liberty of linking some supplies that may be useful. You just got to bring yourself and your attitude!

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